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Wayne Copelin, CFP®

Wayne Copelin, CFP®

Affiliate Investment Advisor - Sugar Land, TX


Copelin Financial Advisors is comprehensive in that a client's entire financial situation is considered in the initial planning process and in the ongoing advisory role, the rationale being that the components in an individual's financial house - tax issues, investments, retirement strategies, risk management, and estate planning - are mutually interdependent.

Copelin Financial Advisors is a client-centered firm; the client's interest is primary and the emphasis is on the client's goals and objectives. Wayne Copelin serves as an advisor/counselor who helps families find solutions to their financial needs and when a strategy or investment is recommended the question is always, “Is this the best course of action for the client?”

Wayne Copelin believes when financial advisors shoot over a client's head with financial jargon and MBA-speak, such that the client has difficulty understanding a strategy or an investment, it's not a reflection on the client's intelligence but on the advisor's aim. At Copelin Financial Advisors, clear communication starts at the beginning of the relationship when strategies and recommendations of the Financial Plan are explained. Copelin Financial Advisor's attitude is, “If you don't understand this, we'll explain it until you do, or we'll delay action.”

Monitoring a Financial Plan is a critical step in the financial planning process and no financial strategies or investments should be left on auto-pilot. Communication includes updating clients about specific investments or pertinent legislative action and periodic conferences to review a person’s financial situation, investments, and any changes that impact the client's financial life.

In investing, managing risk is as important as achieving acceptable returns. In fact, recent years have taught us that to large degree, if the downside is protected the upside will take care of itself. This is accomplished by careful and appropriate allocation and by the use of sophisticated proprietary programs to monitor each client’s portfolio.

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 Advisory services offered through Harvest Investment Services, a registered investment advisor.